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Once upon a time in the World Wide Web.....

In 2001 a new website called "" was established. The operator´s goal was to offer scans of original Commodore-Manuals in good printing quality for download to enable the owners of Commodore-Equipment to make use their sometimes rather old machines with all their features. He soon realised that the amount of data would soon blow up his rented webspace. So he looked for another solution.
Here you can see the result of his search: A website with the same address but with a broader offer. Please insert your links and bookmarks only to the opening page because the structure of this site may change in the future!
The webmaster of "" wishes you fun rummaging the pages!

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15. Februay 2005
A new manual for the SuperPET/MMF9000 ist available for online-reading or download!
It is the "6809 Assembler-manual" from the Waterloo-University.

Since the 26th of April 2004 the Advertisements-Page is extendet by the column "Hardware of other Manufacturers". New advertisments of very rare "Commodore"-hardware has been added as well.

16. Februay 2004
The "PCB"-Sektion is opened! Now you can identify the corresponding device by the "PCB-ASSY"-Number or by the layout of the board.
Vice versa out of the "Collection"-Page you can look at the PCB of the device you choose.

At 9th of February 2004 the Site was extendet by the column "My Commodore-Collection". The first exhibit in this column is the prototype P500 which is here introduced with many informations and pictures!

26. Januay 2004
The "Advertisements-Page" was reorganized and expanded by Software-Advertisements.

Since Sunday, the 4th of January 2004 all the manuals are only available as PDFs.
The manuals at the usual page are for Online-Reading now. They are in lightly reduced quality but with smaller filesize. You will find the files for printout-quality in the Download-Area now.

08. July 2003
Most of the pages (except the Download-Area) are available in English language too. Many thanks to Christoph Becker who made this possible!